It has been a very trying week as I help sell fireworks for a family business on the side of my regular full-time job. With that said, it has also been a very revealing and growing week for me. I’ve run into many scenarios that caused me to want to react right away, and usually in the negative. I processed what I was going through and looked at every situation objectively. Most often I found that a lot of what transpired was my own fault, either through poor choices, or not taking time to really evaluate the circumstances and respond accordingly.

I think the key word there was time. I required, and continue to require, a few seconds or moments to step outside of my environment and look at the whole picture. Long ago I learned that to make the best decisions, I would look at the problems I had, the possible outcomes of each problem, and their probable consequences. The choice and consequence that I firmly believed would bring me the most contentment with no, or minimal, regret would be the option I choose.

Initially, I literally wrote down my process for each life decision. I still do for major ones. But I have practiced this for so long now that it comes almost second nature to go through the process. The mistakes I made this last week stemmed from not fully taking care of myself physically (sleep, eating right, time management, etc.). I was in a hurry and my body was not at its optimal functioning state of being. Stress kicked in and I made poor choices in a hurry just to deal with them immediately. Luckily, I was spared any real or lasting damages. I just put my mind and body through added stress on top of the pressure it was already under from not self-caring right.

Fortunately, I immediately hit replay and walked through each incident mentally and acknowledged what I could have done differently to feel more positive about myself and their outcomes. I was even able to go a step further and help another individual process their own involvement in some of the situations. That person was extremely stressed out until after we processed together. Then we laughed about everything and chalked it up to valuable life experiences. I believe we both grew individually that day and formed a lasting connection based on trust, respect and communication.

The greatest take-away from the whole week was learning to look at my own part of the play first and determine my culpability in it. Admitting to myself and others that I made a mistake and being willing to learn from that mistake was golden. I’ve learned to value the lessons I acquire from my mistakes and apply them to future problems. Everything I go through in life is a budding opportunity to become the best version of myself.

All this ties into manifesting through intention in that when I am stressed and worried about things and life, I am not in an open receptive state to receive the answers to the intentions life has for me. I can either miss the blessing, or it is mistaken for another burden  being thrown at me. When I can just be myself and function normally, more results transpire. I wanted a sleeper sofa and have thought about setting up a grilling area outside. While I was spending time with family later this weekend, and without expressing to them these desires, I was given both a sleeper sofa and a grill! Two manifestations right off the bat!

This is such a fun journey and I am so glad to be sharing it with you. I have some upcoming information that may be useful to you in practicing manifesting. It is advice I am getting from someone who has been doing this a lot longer than I have, and I’m hoping I can get that person to guest blog about it on here soon. Thanks for reading and may all your intentions come to be. Blessings.

If I Can Do It, So Can You

This is my story that will hopefully help you along with your own story

I was originally going to write about my past and how I got to the place I am now, but I decided that looking back at this point is useless. Nothing in my past needs to be brought up. What matters is now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now. Right now, my life is not picture-perfect, but it is better than it has ever been before. Why, you might ask? Because I am happy. Truly, genuinely happy. Not rich, not in a relationship, not owning my own home or even a decent car, but truly happy and content from within. The contentment that stops me from struggling and allows me to envision and plan and move forward.

How am I doing it? Intentions. Simply putting out intentions and allowing the new strength within me, and the powers that be in the ether, to realize those intentions. I can’t even really pinpoint when I discovered the law or power of intentions. All I know is that practicing it along with a new self-caring attitude has really begun to change my life and my way of approaching things.

I do know that the self-caring resulted through wanting to help people. It dawned on me that being able to offer healing to people was a gift that I possessed and wanted to share. I also realized that in sharing this gift, if I was not in a good place mentally, physically or even spiritually, I could do more harm to a person rather than heal them. It was essentially my duty to love myself enough to take care of myself so that I could be a whole person well enough to offer help to others. It was a process of looking deep within myself and deciding what was best for me. Making decisions that made no sense to anyone else, but gave me a release from stress and unhappiness.

On this I cannot advise for you. You have to decide what your happiness and loving yourself looks like. I will say this though, it requires you to be the rawest honest with yourself. It is scary at times, but if you are honestly willing to live out the consequences of your choices, after determining possible outcomes, you will be just fine.

Back to intentions. What are they really? If you really want to do this, change your life for the better, then, read about intentions here: This website describes it very well. It’s basically a thought to do something that is followed by an action to accomplish the thought. But more powerful than that because unseen forces intervene on our behalf and help realize the intentions.

A book I recommend reading is The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. Here is a link to read in pdf style online: This book gave me practical steps to follow to strengthen my conviction about intentions and believing. I always thought that I had to have faith in Something or Someone. Now I realize I just have to have faith. Faith in myself and faith in my believing. Nothing more. I am still developing what I am “into”. I am doing research into many different beliefs and systems and am pulling what I agree with from each one.

My only motivating factors that have kept me on track lately are love and healing. Beyond that, everything else just sort of falls into place. But, that love and healing extends to myself as well and foremost. Because when I am well, I can be 100% for anyone else who may need what I have to offer at any given time. Thank you for reading this.